Above is a video that I made a number of years ago.   It was a different project that turned into this website.   The video received some attention on YouTube, and people from all over the world gave me lovely feedback.   As you may have guessed I am a huge Beatles fan.  I am lucky enough to live in Liverpool in the heart of Beatle territory, and pass their houses, places of work (yes they did have jobs before becoming Beatles!) and locations that inspired their songs – on a daily basis.   Having read ‘The Beatles: Tune In – Mark Lewisohn’ and attended many Beatle’s Weeks in Liverpool, I decided to try to get involved myself.    There are many people, who are huge fans (even more enthusiastic than I am) living in the world who cannot afford to get to Liverpool and see the sights and learn about the four genius that came from this city.   I hope that this sight and the map function will; in some ways help to bring the city to you, wherever you are.  I hope that it will be informative, although I know there will be many people out there who know everything that is documented, but – now they have the chance to see where the event took place.    I will eventually add a tutorial video for use on a mobile phone and a Spotify playlist to listen to whilst you are exploring.   I have ideas for social media so please follow on each platform for more content.   Please note this site will at first rely on donations to run, so if you can spare some change, please click the donation tab and follow the prompts.  Your support is appreciated in advance and I thank you for enjoying the site.   Do you know anyone else who may love to see this? Remember to share!